Responsive web design at its finest

ReWapps 3.0 is the third generation of a responsive web app layout designed by Igi Fischer. It replaced ReWapps II and was rebuilt almost from scratch to become the technical core for Igi's entire product line.

Written in PHP and supported by a brand new tailor-made content management system (CMS), ReWapps 3.0 contains server-based device- and geo detection. It enables an infinite amount of device-specific versions of any single webpage to be wrapped in the same address (URL).

In other words: Every single webpage (URL) might be available in various languages, with serveral graphical interfaces and technical features as well as differ in content, ads and ads format. ReWapps 3.0 detects device and country from wherever a webpage is visited and displays, within a smartly fitting user interface, whatever is relevant for each individual case.

With ReWapps 3.0, content can be device-specificly adjusted in a very general (e.g. "content for all devices globally") or very specific way (e.g. "content only for Android tablets in France"), as e.g. needed when operating geo-sensitive ads.

Technical features

Server based geo- and device detection ++ responsive CSS ++ responsive multimedia ++ responsive social and mobile media ++ responsive content and advertisement ++ Google Analytics integration ++ PHP content management system (CMS)

Preset modules

App-style banner navigation ++ multimedia content ++ video channel ++ photo gallery ++ social sharing ++ cross-media contacting ++ personal profile ++ pay per branding ++ responsive call-to-action ++ device and geo specific ads ++ QR codes ++ Google maps ++ sponsored video button ++ smart off-page banner ++ smart lead recognizer and backlink auto-reloader

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